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PrivacyConnect New York

1 hour March 2, 2021 9:00am ET

Join your local PrivacyConnect community chapter meeting – a free, online network event led by local Chapter Chairs. Chapter meetings will focus on the latest privacy regulatory developments, including CCPA, CPRA, Schrems II, and LGPD, and feature panels from local privacy professionals to discuss operational best practices.

Crossed Signals: How to Navigate the Future of Browser-Based Opt-out Signals


The final regulations of the CCPA introduced a new wrinkle for businesses to comply with: requiring companies to treat “user-enabled global privacy controls, such as a browser plugin or privacy setting, device setting, or other mechanism,” that communicate the choice to opt-out of a sale of personal information as a valid request.  At the time, no such signal existed.  In October, a group of privacy researchers announced launch of the global privacy control (“GPC”), a browser based opt-out mechanism that works in certain browsers (like Brave and Duck Duck Go), as well as through certain browser extensions.  However, it wasn’t clear whether GPC met the standards of the CCPA until a recent tweet by California Attorney General Becerra, which suggests that GPC meets the standards and is enforceable.  With only a tweet to work from, it is unclear whether GPC truly meets the CCPA standards, how to implement for it and what the enforcement timeline looks like.  In this panel we will provide an overview of the legal requirements, the GPC’s standards, and talk about how companies can start to work to respond to this and other controls that may come down the line.


Key Takeaways  You will learn – 

1) What the CCPA and CPRA say about browser based privacy controls and whether any other state laws may have similar requirements

2) A deep dive on the GPC and the tools OneTrust is developing to respond to it 

3) How companies can work to respond to the increasing number of privacy signals

9:00am | Welcome and Introduction
9:05am | Crossed Signals: How to Navigate the Future of Browser-Based Opt-out Signals
9:50am | Closing and Q&A


Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee

Partner, Co-Chair, Privacy, Security & Data Innovations

Loeb & Loeb

Jo Ann Davaris
Jo Ann Davaris

Vice President, Global Privacy

Booking Holdings

Farah Zaman
Farah Zaman

Chief Privacy Officer

Meredith Corporation

Stephanie Hanson
Stephanie Hanson

Offering Manager, OneTrust PreferenceChoice


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