PrivacyConnect Geneva – Privacy trends and challenges for 2022

1 hour | April 7, 2022

Join your local PrivacyConnect community chapter meeting – a free, online network event led by local Chapter Chairs. Chapter meetings will focus on the latest privacy regulatory developments, including CCPA, CPRA, Schrems II, and LGPD, and feature panels from local privacy professionals to discuss operational best practices.



10:00am | Welcome and Introduction
10:05am | Privacy Trends and Challenges for 2022
10:50am | Closing and Q&A


Key Takeaways

Looking ahead to 2022, IT models, compliance, and regulatory in businesses need to be able to pivot quickly to meet both new opportunities and challenges. If not already in place, greater levels of adaptability into the year ahead will be crucial.

In the aftermath of a pandemic crisis which will likely continue during all 2022, trends such as severe talent gap, further digital transformation impacting all processes and operations, and a distributed work force, either by choice or by mandate, will most probably impact all sectors.

  • More tech skills and more dedicated functions will reveal shortage in many business realities
  • Digital Transformation on Steroids
  • Winning the Cyber Defense War
  • Remote Work is here to stay

Featured speakers

Angela Pedalina

Jurist - Privacy Specialist
InformatiCH Sagl

Michael Baltaian

Data Privacy Manager

Nicolas Vernaz

Founder & Director
Cybersecurity and Data Protection
Redstone Consulting SA

On-demand webinar coming soon...

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