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PrivacyConnect Basel

1hr June 16, 2021 10AM CEST

Join your local PrivacyConnect community chapter meeting – a free, online network event led by local Chapter Chairs. Chapter meetings will focus on the latest privacy regulatory developments, including CCPA, CPRA, Schrems II, and LGPD, and feature panels from local privacy professionals to discuss operational best practices.


10:00am | Welcome and Introduction
10:05am | Your compliance journey into the cloud
10:50am | Closing and Q&A


The speaker Jutta Sonja Oberlin,'s profile image
Jutta Sonja Oberlin,

PrivacyConnect Basel,

Chapter Chair

The speaker Christian Kunz,'s profile image
Christian Kunz,

Counsel & Data Protection Specialist,

Bär & Karrer

The speaker Andrew Hutchison,'s profile image
Andrew Hutchison,

Security & Compliance Specialist,

Google Cloud

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