In-Person Event

Navigating the AI era: Challenges and opportunities in oversight 

Join us to learn how OneTrust is tackling this challenge and learn about our unique approach to embracing AI.


November 1, 2023
1:00 PM-4:00 PM ET



Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The rise of AI presents compliance teams with opportunities to enhance efficiency, improve risk management, and automate tasks. However, it also introduces new challenges related to ethical considerations, regulatory compliance, skill requirements, and transparency. Embracing AI technologies will change the model of how organizations collaborate, providing a 360-degree view of privacy. Compliance teams must learn to leverage the benefits of AI to strengthen their overall compliance efforts and contribute to a more effective and ethical organizational framework. 

Featured speakers

Kate Graeff

Vice President, Enterprise Trust at Deloitte


Paul Lanois

Partner, Global Cybersecurity, Data Privacy and Corporate Counsel, Fieldfisher