Data Privacy Day 2023: Data Privacy priorities for 2023 as a chair of a data protection practice in an Israeli law firm

1 hour | January 24, 2023 |11:00 am IST | 09:00 am GMT


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  • Virtual

Join us as we discuss the important items you should be including on your priorities list as a chair of data protection practice in Israel for 2023. Below are some of the top items Dalit has on her list and how she is going to accomplish them.

2023 Priorities include:

  • Keeping track of regulatory changes around the world, specifically EU and US and implementing them locally
  • Training staff and transferring knowledge to the team
  • Preservation of Israel’s adequacy in the EU and preparing for the “nightmare” of potential loss of adequacy
  • Improving the process and support we provide in handling multi-jurisdictional data breach cases

last but not least it is important we are collaborating with other privacy professionals around the world in enrichment of content provided through PrivacyConnect local chapters.


11:00 am IST | Introductions
11:05 am IST | Session
11:50 am IST | Q&A


The speaker Dalit Ben Israel's profile image
Dalit Ben Israel

Partner, Chair IT and Data Protection Practice, Naschitz Brandes Amir & Co.

Tel Aviv

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