Data Privacy Day 2023: Trusting Others with Our Kids Data

1 hour | February 2, 2023 |10:00 am CST | 4:00 pm GMT


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  • Virtual

Join us as we interview Juan Carlos Carrillo who is a Director Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensic Services, at PWC. He began in privacy about 12 years ago when the law in Mexico began; back then, privacy was not in the vocabulary of the companies, there was no GDPR, no CCPA, and the regulation was the only ordinance that requested data protection. Learn about his start in Privacy and the pro bono work he has done for an elementary school. He discovered how much data we share about our kids, those who are more vulnerable. Privacy brings trust, and trust is the baseline for good business and good relationships.


10:00 am CST | Introductions
10:05 am CST | Interview
10:50 am CST | Q&A


The speaker Juan Carlos Carrillo's profile image
Juan Carlos Carrillo

Director Cybersecurity, Privacy & Forensic Services, PwC

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