Data Privacy Day 2023: AI must serve us All – a look into the near regulatory horizon

1 hour | February 2, 2023 |11:00 am GMT | 1:00 pm EET


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  • Virtual

If you are technically safe, privacy is an integrated consequence. But there is something else at the horizon from a regulatory point of view in the EU: Artificial Intelligence.

AI was first mentioned in 1950 with formalized mathematics but the idea of integrating math algorithms in technology was abandoned at the time. The idea came back in 1980 and now we are are in “the Third Wave”, where we ask ourselves: how can a machine learn something, without me being the one who teaches it?!…

Thus, 2023 priorities in privacy may be:

Start with AI training in order to understand the regulatory measures that embed AI related ethics.

Conclusion: How can we understand what AI related ethics is all about? It is simple: is AI you develop only serves you and not the user as well, there is a big chance your solution is unethical…


11:00 am GMT | Introductions
11:05 am GMT | Session
11:50 pm GMT | Q&A


The speaker Alexandru Gheorghe's profile image
Alexandru Gheorghe

E-Commerce Senior Legal Counsel & Data Protection Consultant, Inperspective


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Oana Ducuta

Senior Manager, Data Privacy, Genpac


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