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New Schedule & Content for 2019

2019 Workshop Schedule

Optional Day 2 Certification Available in this City
Cologne, Germany
To Be Scheduled
Tallinn, Estonia
To Be Scheduled
Vienna, Austria
To Be Scheduled
Munich, Germany
To Be Scheduled
London, United Kingdom
To Be Scheduled
Hamburg, Germany
To Be Scheduled
Sofia, Bulgaria
To Be Scheduled
Manchester, United Kingdom
April 5, 9:30 AM
Lisbon, Portugal
April 23, 9:30 AM
Barcelona, Spain
April 24, 9:30 AM
Budapest, Hungary
May 7, 9:30 AM
Prague, Czech Republic
May 8, 9:30 AM
Copenhagen, Denmark
May 10, 9:30 AM
Stuttgart, Germany
May 14, 9:30 AM
Athens, Greece
May 17, 9:30 AM
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
May 22, 9:30 AM
Berlin, Germany
May 24, 9:30 AM
Dublin, Ireland
May 28, 9:30 AM
Bucharest, Romania
May 29, 9:30 AM
Frankfurt, Germany
June 20, 9:30 AM
Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 25, 9:30 AM
Paris, France
June 27, 9:30 AM
Tampa, Florida
To Be Scheduled
Salt Lake City, Utah
To Be Scheduled
Ottawa, Ontario
To Be Scheduled
Fayetteville, North Carolina
To Be Scheduled
Atlanta, Georgia
To Be Scheduled
New York, New York
To Be Scheduled
Columbia, South Carolina
To Be Scheduled
Chicago, Illinois
To Be Scheduled
San Francisco, California
To Be Scheduled
Toronto, Canada
April 9, 9:30 AM
Denver, Colorado
April 16, 9:30 AM
Phoenix, Arizona
April 18, 9:30 AM
Boston, Massachusetts
April 24, 9:30 AM
Charlotte, North Carolina
April 26, 9:30 AM
Austin, Texas
May 7, 9:30 AM
Dallas, Texas
May 9, 9:30 AM
Seattle, Washington
May 10, 9:30 AM
Cleveland, Ohio
May 13, 9:30 AM
Columbus, Ohio
May 15, 9:30 AM
Los Angeles, California
May 16, 9:30 AM
St. Louis, Missouri
May 28, 9:30 AM
Kansas City, Kansas
May 30, 9:30 AM
Raleigh, North Carolina
May 31, 9:30 AM
Nashville, Tennessee
June 3, 9:30 AM
San Diego, California
June 5, 9:30 AM
Detroit, Michigan
June 7, 9:30 AM
Baltimore, Maryland
June 10, 9:30 AM
Indianapolis, Indiana
June 11, 9:30 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 18, 9:30 AM
Portland, Oregon
June 19, 9:30 AM
Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 21, 9:30 AM
Washington, DC, District of Columbia
June 21, 9:30 AM
Victoria, British Columbia
June 25, 9:30 AM
Miami, Florida
June 27, 9:30 AM
Seoul, South Korea
To Be Scheduled
Tokyo, Japan
To Be Scheduled
Wellington, New Zealand
To Be Scheduled
Mumbai, India
To Be Scheduled
Perth, Australia
To Be Scheduled
Adelaide, Australia
To Be Scheduled
Manila, Philippines
May 9, 9:30 AM
Sydney, Australia
May 16, 9:30 AM
Bangalore, India
June 5, 9:30 AM
Hong Kong, China
June 19, 9:30 AM
Delhi, India
June 26, 9:30 AM
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
To Be Scheduled
Doha, Qatar
To Be Scheduled
Tel Aviv, Israel
April 8, 9:30 AM

Workshop Agendas

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  • Free In-Person CCPA & GDPR Workshops

    Global Privacy Law Implementation Best Practices

    PrivacyConnect CCPA & GDPR workshops are free, practitioner-focused events. Through a combination of structured educational sessions, peer-led discussions and activities, and networking, PrivacyConnect workshops offer a unique professional development opportunity. Hear interesting privacy program use cases, network with privacy peers, and learn practical implementation of Global Privacy Laws compliance tips that you can execute on immediately.

    Workshop Agenda

    Professional Development Opportunity

    • CCPA & GDPR Comparison
    • Global Privacy Overview
    • Data Subject Access Requests
    • Vendor Risk Management
    • GDPR New Guidance & Enforcements
    • Incident & Breach Management
    • Data Mapping & Inventory
    • Cookie Compliance
    • Assessment Automation
    • Consent & Preference Management

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