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Focused on Practical Implementation of Global Privacy Laws

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2019 Workshop Schedule

Optional Day 2 Certification Available in this City
Riga, Latvia
To Be Scheduled
Reykjavik, Iceland
To Be Scheduled
Tirana, Albania
To Be Scheduled
Belgrade, Serbia
To Be Scheduled
Prague, Czech Republic
October 31, 8:30 AM
Köln, Deutschland (Deutsch)
November 15, 8:30 AM
Liverpool, United Kingdom
November 15, 8:30 AM
Barcelona, España (Español)
November 20, 8:30 AM
Lyon, France (Français)
November 21, 8:30 AM
Tallinn, Estonia
November 21, 8:30 AM
Berlin, Deutschland (Deutsch)
November 22, 8:30 AM
Belfast, United Kingdom
November 26, 8:30 AM
Paris, France (Français)
December 4, 8:30 AM
Istanbul, Turkey
To Be Scheduled
Tel Aviv, Israel
October 28, 8:30 AM
San Jose, California
To Be Scheduled
Detroit, Michigan
To Be Scheduled
Kansas City, Kansas
To Be Scheduled
Mexico City, Mexico
To Be Scheduled
Baltimore, Maryland
To Be Scheduled
Victoria, British Columbia
To Be Scheduled
St. Louis, Missouri
To Be Scheduled
Cleveland, Ohio
To Be Scheduled
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 22, 8:30 AM
Dallas, Texas
October 23, 8:30 AM
São Paulo, Brazil
October 24, 8:30 AM
Los Angeles, California
October 25, 8:30 AM
Orlando, Florida
October 25, 8:30 AM
Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 29, 8:30 AM
Phoenix, Arizona
October 31, 8:30 AM
Miami, Florida
October 31, 8:30 AM
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 1, 8:30 AM
San Diego, California
November 7, 8:30 AM
Charlotte, North Carolina
November 13, 8:30 AM
Toronto, Ontario
November 19, 8:30 AM
Cincinnati, Ohio
November 19, 8:30 AM
Houston, Texas
November 20, 8:30 AM
Portland, Oregon
December 5, 8:30 AM
Columbus, Ohio
December 6, 8:30 AM
Raleigh, North Carolina
December 13, 8:30 AM
Tokyo, Japan
To Be Scheduled
Mumbai, India
To Be Scheduled
Bangkok, Thailand
To Be Scheduled
Bangalore, India
To Be Scheduled
Delhi, India
To Be Scheduled
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
To Be Scheduled
Manila, Phillipines
To Be Scheduled
Melbourne, Australia
November 14, 8:30 AM
Sydney, Australia
December 2, 8:30 AM

About the Workshops

Professional Development Opportunity


Understand the latest in privacy and security regulations, and how to implement in practice


Make new connections in your local community of privacy and security professionals


Discuss best practices and experiences on how you’ve implemented programs

Workshop Agenda

Overview of the Day | Varies by Region

    • CCPA & GDPR Comparison
    • Global Privacy Overview
    • Data Subject Access Requests
    • Vendor Risk Management
    • GDPR New Guidance & Enforcements
    • Incident & Breach Management
    • Data Mapping & Inventory
    • Cookie Compliance
    • Assessment Automation
    • Consent & Preference Management

Workshop Features

Additional Reasons to Attend

Interactive Activities

Hands-on activities designed to give you first-hand experience

Group Discussions

Discuss case studies on how to implement in your organization

PrivacyTech Expo

Learn about the latest tools to help you operationalize compliance

Get OneTrust Certified

OneTrust Certification Program

Day-2 Added in Select Cities

In-depth product training course offering a foundation in implementing the OneTrust privacy management tool.