The Future ePrivacy Regulation and GDPR: Changing Cookie Banners

Presented by: OneTrust


Cookie banners have become commonplace since the passing of the ePrivacy Directive. Unfortunately, they ended up causing unnecessary burden on consumers who accept them without understanding their meaning. Pop-up cookie banners have therefore failed to achieve the objective of the ePrivacy Directive to protect the confidentiality of the information stored on individuals’ devices, as they resulted in consent fatigue. But with the impending ePrivacy Regulation making its way through the legislative process, the new rules should give control back to consumers over the cookies that are stored on their devices, providing them with real choices. In practice, companies will need to implement changes, starting with the choices they give to website visitors. In this session, we’ll explore the evolution of the cookie banner and explain steps you can take to help steer your organization to compliance as well as better understand the relationship the ePrivacy Directive has with the GDPR.

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